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Breakdown Breakdown Ltd is a new and up and coming professional breakdown company that has evolved from our company director’s vision of giving all our members a service second to none.

We pride ourselves in offering a BB (Best Buy) Breakdown Cover Membership package which covers any form of vehicle recovery situation.

Our Membership Plans

  • Gold Membership £200.00.
  • Silver Membership £175.00.
  • Bronze Membership £150.00
  • Motorcycle Cover £145.00
  • Motor Home Cover £200.00
  • Wheelchair Cover £95.00
Breakdown Cover Membership
roadside assistance
vehicle home start. Whether you've run out of petrol, your car just isn't starting, or something more serious, you need that piece of mind of a quick reliable service

Breakdown Cover Membership Includes

Whether you've run out of petrol, your car just isn't starting, or something more serious, you need that piece of mind of a quick reliable service. Choose one of our affordable Breakdown Cover Membership Plans which include the following.


Our professional recovery team are here on hand throughout the UK mainland to recover your vehicle and take it to a safe place or accredited BB garage.


If you have filled your vehicle with the wrong fuel we will have your vehicle transported to one of our accredited BB garages to have it flushed and refilled.


If our technicians are unable to fix your vehicle at the roadside we will take you to your home providing you have the appropriate membership (Gold or Silver)


If you find your vehicle will not start from your home address we will dispatch one of our technicians to investigate the non-starting issue.


During daytime hours we can fix tyres at the roadside. If out of hours, we will transport your vehicle to the nearest BB accredited garage.


At some stage a vehicles battery will give up or cause starting problems. BB can order off the shelf a new battery for you and install it at your home or workplace.

Why Choose Us

We are motor breakdown cover specialists who offer nationwide cover including home start, roadside assistance and breakdown recovery for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, motorcycle’s, motor homes and electric wheelchairs.

The recovery service you receive from us is fast, efficient and dependable. Join us and enjoy real peace of mind along with incredible value for money. Join today and benefit from one of our Membership Packages.

Our rescue control centre has advanced IT solutions that allow us to provide the rescue and emergency breakdown assistance service you deserve at the moment when you most need it.
Take advantage of belonging to a reliable breakdown organisation. Our resource service covers the UK with more than 1,300 specialist recovery operators and we are ready to help you with 24 hours. 365 days cover.

We have a wide variety of options to choose from so you only pay for what you need. With our flexible breakdown cover options, you can simply select the level of cover that suits you best.

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We at Breakdown Breakdown Ltd are committed in providing you with the utmost care and Professional Breakdown Cover, 24 hours / 365 days throughout the year.

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